Accidental Death Insurance

Most people only consider traditional life insurance for their primary protection needs. Did you know that additional protection is available with Accidental Death Insurance at a much lower price? This is because it only covers death from accidental reasons, and not health conditions. Indeed, your lifetime odds of dying from any unintentional cause are about 1 in 311. And since healthy individuals are less likely to die from a health related reason, Accidental Death Insurance can be a cost effective way to protect your family. For example, a 35 year old male pays about $15 a month for $100,000 in coverage. Here are some additional highlights:

• Face amounts from $50,000 to $500,000

• Issue ages 18 – 70

• Spouses and children can be included on the policy

• A Return of Premium Rider can be added for an additional cost

• The Death Benefit is doubled if death results from an accident while riding as a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier like a bus or airplane.

• Pays an additional 25% benefit if the insured is killed while driving/riding in a private vehicle or struck on a public street

• Policy is guaranteed renewable to age 80 as long as premiums are paid.

• Guaranteed issue; NO health questions Accidental Death Insurance can help provide extra security for your family that’s easy on your budget. Why wait? Call or click today to find out how easy it is to start protecting your family.