Our Leadership Team

Kate Nuong Nguyen


Cedrick A Farrior


Cedrick Farrior has over 30 years of leading organizations and is well known for his success in the world of organizational development. Cedrick has had the opportunity to lead organizations ranging in size from 125 to over 2500. Cedrick has provided leadership development training in both the public and private sectors. He is well sought out for public engagements to provide insights on what works in building and sustaining successful teams. He also serves as a senior mentor and coach to organizational leaders who often seek out his insights and knowledge on dealing with organizational challenges but current and long term. Cedrick’s belief is everything boils down to the leader and the organization is a reflection of that leader both good and bad. He is a Master of Strategic Development and understands the critical requirement in developing a successful organizational roadmap that will posture any organization regardless of size on the road to success.

Torrey Vap

Vice President of Operations

Torrey has been coaching professionals, mentoring leaders and building highly effective teams his entire adult life. In nearly 24 years of service in the United States Army he was promoted through all 9 enlisted pay grades and progressed through 6 levels of Professional Military Education. He served as a Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) for 22 years at levels of increased responsibility and authority. Retiring as Command Sergeant Major specialized in talent management and leading Recruiting Organizations. He transitioned to the corporate and private sector to focus on consulting with clients leveraging his talent management experience to match/translate military skill sets to a company’s need, so they can enjoy lessons learned and access to the best, brightest and most highly trained veteran talent in the world. Throughout his entire career he has been consistently recognized as a leader who displayed professional will while remaining personally humble. He holds an MBA focused in Conflict & Negotiation Management from Trident University International. He and Erika have been married over 24 years and are blessed with two children.

R. William (Billy) Riggs

Regional Director

R. William Riggs (Billy) is a proven charismatic leader of leaders, with over 21 years of service in the United States Army. Spanning his career Billy has coached and mentored soldiers and civilians successfully building teams and individual leaders, all while bridging generational gaps as well as social differences. Billy’s career has provided him numerous opportunities to train and learn from a broad spectrum of individuals. Billy has been the senior enlisted advisor for an Army talent acquisition company, a large group leader for talent acquisition, as well as an individual recruiter. Billy has had to opportunity to serve as the Chief quality control counselor for the United States Military Entrance Processing Command, a sought after position that enabled him to utilize his unique conflict resolution abilities, bringing together civilians and military members to perform as one team. Most recently Billy served as the director of training and organizational development. This broadening experience allowed Billy to evaluate an organization at the corporate and individual level, and devise training plans based on the needs of the organization. Billy fully understand the need to candid conversations in order to develop leaders and teams, as well as leading across an organization. He hold an MBA from Trident University concentrating in Conflict Negotiations. Billy is married to his wife Christina and they are blessed with five children.